Quick Byte: Oracle Licensing Tip #9

During the procurement process – whether it’s Oracle or another software vendor – it’s not about the discount you negotiate, it’s about HOW and WHAT you purchase. If you don’t ask the right questions, you’ll spend more.  And, that’s not Oracle’s problem.  It’s yours.

The reason for enterprise software varies with each enterprise.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that your software investment may be vastly different from the one your direct competitor just made.  However, don’t rely on your Oracle sales guy to know and understand all the nuances of your business.

The basic questions you need to ask during the software evaluation process are the following:

  • What’s your business’ objective(s)?
  • Determine what needs you have that can be solved with software and which software module best supports your need?
  • How much of the software do we need to purchase now (versus a year or more from now)?
  • How will the software procurement affect current and future Oracle licensing?
  • Who will be responsible for the management of Oracle’s software assets as well as other installed enterprise software?
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