Oracle Services

Oracle audit advisory, licence review, support management, cloud, and subscription services by Miro will help you avoid costly fees and penalties

Oracle Services Include:

  • Oracle Audit Advisory
  • Oracle License Reviews
  • Oracle Support Renewal Management
  • Oracle Cloud & Subscription Management

Oracle Audit Advisory

The Miro Audit Mediation Process provides:

  • Comprehensive Oracle audit review effectively navigating a formal audit by experienced analysts
  • Controlled Oracle audit conditions to obtain a mutually acceptable outcome
  • Mitigated outcome risks

During an Oracle audit, basic steps include:

  • A rapid, formal response
  • A self-audit that parallels Oracle’s license compliance assessment
  • An asset repository from software licensing agreements (SLAs), invoices and other renewal or procurement documents for proof of ownership
  • An interpretation of the audit including how any modifications can impact Oracle licensing
  • A plan of action

Oracle License Review

Miro Oracle license consultants will:

  • Optimize, customize and simplify your Oracle license agreements and support contracts
  • Decipher, decode and simplify your Oracle licensing and business practices
  • Ensure cost-effective procurement of licenses and support
  • Create flexibility within your software license agreement (SLA)
  • Offer Oracle licensing alternatives based on your company’s business model
  • Migrate outdated Oracle licenses and costly support
  • Rebalance Oracle licenses to enhance and create better value from your existing Oracle investment
  • Provide various Oracle license options based on your needs and various scenarios such as acquisitions or change management environment

Oracle Support Renewal Management

Optimize and Minimize Your Support Costs:

  • Simplify the process
  • Customize the renewal procedures
  • Reduce the annual renewal cost
  • Eliminate the time-consuming, frustrating burden