Case Studies

Miro has helped hundreds of clients worldwide to optimize their total cost of ownership and has overseen over $1.5 billion in licensing transactions

Miro Keeps Watch for Timex



Timex’s Director of Information Technology, Steve Beaudry and his team were facing an Oracle renewal support deadline that threatened to strain their budget as well as involve them in a time-consuming round of fact-finding and compliance audits.


Timex didn’t have the critical information needed for a clear decision, and they didn’t have the time to immerse themselves in Oracle’s complex licensing rules and regulations.


Miro promptly conducted a thorough audit and licensing inventory of Timex’s Oracle assets and reviewed those assets in the light of Timex’s real-time needs – past, present and future. Miro was able to offer a plan to restructure Timex’s support agreements that offered an immediate and significant annual saving, with the opportunity to implement further cost reductions in future years. The fee reduction was achieved without compromising any essential component of the Oracle licensing inventory, and the contracts left plenty of room for Timex to upsize its user base as the need

With Miro’s help, the team was ready on the day to renew its Oracle contract, in full confidence that it had the best deal available – and in the knowledge that for Timex senior management, the activities and priorities of the business had not stopped ticking for a single second.

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PR Newswire Finds the Right Agent



PR Newswire’s Chief Information Officer, David Michael, (see update below) was preparing for a considerable software license negotiation with Oracle and knew he needed the advice of a software licensing specialist.


PRNewswire needed flexibility to evolve their Oracle environment as their business changed-with the flexibility of negotiating with Oracle only one time.


Miro conducted an intensive analysis over several weeks and documented all aspects of PR Newswire’s Oracle software license environment including deployment, license ownership and PR Newswire’s strategic plan. Working with Miro, PR Newswire was able to negotiate a win-win licensing agreement with Oracle, and provided Mr. Michael with a forward looking plan, aligning both his current and future licensing needs.  Miro also provided the strategic recommendations that enhanced PR Newswire’s overall cost of Oracle software licensing ownership. (David Michael is now CIO at The Madison Square Garden Company).

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