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Miro Consulting specializes in cloud, subscription & software licensing audit defense, contract negotiations & procurement for Oracle, Microsoft & IBM

Miro Consulting specializes in Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Adobe software audit defense, including cloud services, subscriptions, contract negotiations, and license optimization & management.

Since 2000, Miro has helped hundreds of clients worldwide to optimize their total cost of ownership and has overseen over $1.5 billion in licensing transactions.

Services include, but are not limited to…

  • Vendor audit defense
  • License assessments and optimization
  • Software contract negotiations
  • Compliance assurance

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6 Critical IBM Licensing Mistakes Many organizations that make these types of mistakes end up owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in out-of-compliance liabilities.

Join us for this informative webinar where we'll discuss the 6 most common IBM licensing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes:

* Bad internal SAM processes

* Rule exemption mistakes

* Waiting till the audit to fix issues

* Trusting your Rep/Reseller to know the rules

* Errors in rule interpretation

* Assuming the rules are logical
May 1, 20192:30pm EDT30 minutes