Quick Byte: Microsoft Licensing Tip # 2

According to Microsoft, each user that you permit access to your software requires a license. Ok…you’r probably saying “duh, I knew that,” but read on, my friend.

You can install any number of copies of your software on any devices, for example and employee’s desk computer, laptop and perhaps a conference room PC, BUT, here is the clincher, only licensed users can access the software.

So let me put it this way, if a random person enters your office and decides to use the copy of Office 2007 you have in the conference room that will put you out of compliance.  Software audits don’t necessarily just following where the software is being installed, but WHO is using it.  Don’t be surprised if someone walks around “counting” the stations and taking names down as they do an audit.

Password protection isn’t a bad idea when you think about the hot water you could get yourself into.

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