Desktop virtualization and licensing

Software management, hardware imaging and refreshment, and BYOD (the “edge devices”) are not only cost containment strategies, they can be key business differentiators. By ensuring anytime, anywhere access, executives, account managers, and technicians are able to remain connected to the information they require.

This connectivity introduces a multitude of devices that must be managed, utilized, and, in some cases, transported. And that introduces the problem of multiple versions.

Licensing all these different devices introduces excess cost. Desktop virtualization eases these problems by standardizing the system, the applications, and/or the data store and creates the management structure to govern it. And of course, there is investment required. Strategies – and licensing – that involve Virtual Desktop Access (“VDA”) and Application Virtualization (“APP-V”) can ensure that only authorized software is deployed and maintained at the proper level, that the programs are easily accessible, that the supporting infrastructure is scalable, and that the data is backed up and recoverable.

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