Why contract analysis is important for Oracle licensing agreements

Contract analysis is a crucial part of managing your Oracle licensing agreements. While many IT managers are accustomed to just ordering licenses online and calling it a day, there is much more to the process in order to get the best ROI. Oracle licenses can vary a great deal especially based on when you bought your licenses. Oracle, in fact, is trying very hard to standardize their licensing with both their older and newer client base. The newer licensing agreements may favor Oracle, which is why it’s very important to review your SLAs to ensure that you are not signing away important rights and privileges you had previously. You also must be aware of what your business needs are and how they have changed since you signed the original SLA, for example, if you require more licenses than you did the three years before when you signed the agreement with Oracle.
During new discounts and promotion, there is an opportunity to benefit from reviewing the needs of the enterprise, your Terms & Conditions and possibly initiate a contractre-negotiation

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