When to change to an Oracle Enterprise Site license

We often get asked by clients, when is a good time to go to an Enterprise Site License versus staying with Server or CPU licenses with Oracle? This answer is complex, as each business is different, but we suggest upgrading to the Enterprise Site License only when you can predict that your licensing needs are going to significantly change in the near term. Otherwise, stick with what you have.

In most scenarios when licensing needs are going to require double or triple the amount of licenses you currently have –  a new product launch, expansion, or just general growth of the business –   an upgrade is justified. However, don’t get the Enterprise Site License as a result of M&A activity. The organization you are teaming up with is unknown, and it will take several months, if not years, to bring assets together, so this isn’t a good time or reason to change your licensing program with Oracle.

If usage is going up, definitely consider it. In most cases, it will save you money.

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