When do I have transfer rights?

We often get questions from clients about transfer rights- when do I know if I can uninstall my software from a device and re-install it on another? For Microsoft….transfer rights are specifically laid out in your End User License Agreement (EULA) and will vary by product. For Volume licensing programs, the transfer rights will be listed in the Product Use Rights document.  Most retail software does offer transfer rights, however OEM licenses do not.  If your EULA does not specify about transfer rights – you do not have them. These documents are created to outline the rights that you do have, and will not include what you don’t have.

Depending on the product you purchased, your transfer rights may be very specific with a time frame. Many are limited to a 60 or 90-day period in between reassignment. Be sure to follow these specifications, otherwise you are considered non-compliant.

For all those out there wondering about Oracle licensing transfer rights….it’s much more complex, but I would recommend being much more circumspect and assume that you do not have the right to reharvest or re-install software or apps.

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