Week in Review (Around the World): The world of software licensing and compliance

In the News This Week

·         Asia Times Online: Microsoft plays cool after DVD blow
Chairman Bill Gates stated that the concept should prevent learning barriers for students which would include high software licensing fees.

·         BusinessWeek: The Secrets of Microsoft’s Sync
Adding to the cost are the licensing fees for Microsoft’s software, and the voice-recognition technology from software maker Nuance Communications (NUAN). Between hardware and software-licensing costs, and assuming the markup of three to four times cost typical to the automotive electronics business, Robinson figures the system costs $100 to $150 to make.

·         Inquirer: Microsoft fiddles with Vista Ultimate Assurance licensing

·         SearchOracle: With software upgrades, pain leads to gain
In Oracle 10g Release 2 there are [two features] called Oracle Data Vault and Oracle Audit Vault, which are incredible for compliancy and security

·         PC Retail: Software license agreements attacked 
A survey by the National Consumer Council has claimed that the majority of software licensing agreements contain confusing jargon that is unfairly biased


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