Week in Review (Around the World): Software Licensing and Compliance

In the News This Week

· IT Jungle Will Bloat and Complexity Get the Best of Windows? Probably NotSAP Raises Software Maintenance Fees for New Customers

Microsoft’s licensing is too complex. Six different versions of Vista was about four too many and confused the marketplace.

· National Post Four GTA businesses nabbed in anti-piracy software sting

· CNET Blogs Argentina considering going 100% open source

· Business Day Intellectual Property – Part 11

· CRN Federation to focus on business best practice

The Federation Against Software Theft (The Federation) is to shift its strategy to encourage UK firms to adopt software asset management (SAM).

· AP Salesforce.com becomes sales channel, showcase for Google software

Last year, Google collected less than $200 million from software licensing while raking in $16.4 billion from advertising sales.

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