Week in Review (Around the World): Software Licensing and Compliance

In the News This Week

· CRN Microsoft: Using Vista Loophole Is Cheating

Scott Rosenberg, CEO of Miro Consulting, a Fords, NJ-based firm that specializes in licensing issues, acknowledges that technical loopholes in Microsoft

·         Gotta Be Mobile Vista Upgrade Licensing Loophole

Ed Bott has it totally right – just because the loophole is there, it doesn’t mean that everyone can take exploit it and stay within Microsoft’s licensing

·         Redman Channel Partner Avistar’s Tale: Microsoft Shows Its Dark Side

It follows an appeal case brought by software licensing company, Symbian, after a patent application was rejected by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

·         ComputerWorld Psst! Wanna save $110 on Windows Vista SP1?

·         Virtualization Review Heroes and Villains

So software licensing based on-or bound to-physical hardware may be difficult to manage in virtualized server environments.

·         ITBusiness Microsoft licensing of Flash Lite offers heavy duty benefits to Adobe

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