Webinar: Smarter Oracle Licensing Strategies

We’re getting ready for our Summer Blockbuster hit – the June 25 Oracle licensing strategies webinar (it starts at 1 p.m. ET LIVE).  I and Eliot Colon, president of Miro Consulting, will both be giving tips on how to best work with Oracle licensing and the best way to further optimized your total cost of ownership.  We’ll also be answering questions from the audience and hope to get to all the questions this time (as we almost always run out of time even with 30 minutes-plus allotted for audience questions).

Go to our home page at www.miroconsulting.com and register for the event.  There will also be a live twitter feed at www.Twitter.com/yinchang.

For more information on upcoming events, go to https://miroconsulting.com/news-cal.html.

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