Vulnerability of your..Voicemail?

Yup, another target for hackers – voicemail. It falls pretty low on the totem pole of items to secure, and leaves many vulnerabilities for that reason. For example, a mobile phone will rarely ask you for a password when you call from your own phone – what happens if you lose it? Anyone who picks it up can dial in and listen to your messages. eSecurityPlanet’s Robert McGarvey recently wrote an interesting piece on the subject which offers tips for securing your voicemail. He called upon Miro’s Sam Alapati for expert advice on the subject. Here are some tips from the article:

  • Set up your VM so that you have to type in a password every time you access it. Disable “password bypass” settings on your phone.
  • Delete VMs when you listen to them, and don’t leave sensitive info in VM.
  • Check your VM settings and do this periodically. Are copies automatically forwarded to numbers you don’t recognize? The settings control how VM is handled but most users never check them.
  • Create the most complicated password your system allows and change it frequently.

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