The BSA’s “nauseating” anti-piracy tactics

We have often addressed the BSA and their piracy fighting tactics here on this blog as a warning sign for those who aren’t taking compliance as seriously as they should be. PC Pro Magazine recently wrote a story about a small business that was targeted by the BSA and the exact tactics that were used to strong arm them into an audit. Admittedly, the business owner did not know if he was in compliant, but blamed the recession and trying to keep his business afloat as to why licensing fell to the wayside. You can read about the entire ordeal here.

It gives good insight as to what exactly happens when a disgruntled employee turns you in, and how far the BSA will go to validate the claim, which they say are where 20% of their leads come from. Something to think about! And yes, we are in a recession, but what many businesses do not realize, is that managing your software assets can actually save you money- which is a thing of beauty in a recession!

Check out our archived events section, we have several resources on audits and SAM to get you started!

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