Rimini Street loses again to Oracle, fined $28m

On Tuesday, a Nevada judge declared Rimini guilty for infringing Oracle’s software.  The judge also issued a permanent injunction preventing Rimini from providing any Oracle software to its customers.

Rimini, its CEO, and employees are now barred from accessing any non-public portion of Oracle’s website.  Previously, Oracle was awarded $50m in a jury verdict and an additional $46m in attorney fees.

Rimini’s  responded with a press release, as did Oracle.

Third-Party support has its benefits in the many strategies of managing your software licensing estate. However, such news can provide an uneasiness with client’s utilizing such services. Clearly, any concerns should be discussed with your Third-Party services vendor. If an organization is not comfortable with what their vendor tells them or they wish another opinion, then Miro Consulting is available to discuss the short and long term risks and alternatives.

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