Rebalancing your Oracle licenses: Put your existing assets to work

Why not put your existing Oracle assets to work without having to commit to a large upfront investment?

License rebalancingTM is the art of taking existing licensing – such as Concurrent, Named User, application specific and/or CPU-based licensing – and converting them to generate a new license that is more value to your organization, while creating cost efficiencies. It is possible and very probable that the initial act of rebalancing your Oracle licenses will result in an initial 5-10% savings. Over time, the savings will increase exponentially due to the initial insured lower support cost (which was right-sized due to the license rebalancing acts).

It may seem like you’re only trading in your licensing for something of equal value, but the reality is that you get a greater value by gaining flexibility in your licensing (especially during times of corporate growth or change), same or better Terms & Conditions, and possibly lower annual support costs.

The name of the game is to increase the license value to your organization while possibly reducing your annual support payment without sacrificing benefits. You want to ensure that you have the best value – not just in terms of dollars and cents – which can often turn from short-term savings to long-term pain of having to spend more and more on new licensing every year because the initial purchase/re-up didn’t allow for flexibility for growth.

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