PVU licensing for DR with IBM DB2

PVU licensing for DR with IBM DB2 by Sharon Trembley

Some vendors and products need fully licensed Disaster Recovery.  Not so with PVU licensing for IBM’s DB2.

I’ll explain, but first let me explain IBM-speak regarding DR servers.  The IBM Software Group describes servers as Hot, Warm, and Cold, and those terms have been adopted where DB2 is installed.

HOT/Full License Required


Database software installed on another server intended for failover purposes. At the same time this server maintains partner high availability, it is servicing other applications as a primary data server.  In other words, there is end-user access to this standby database even when no failure has occurred. DB2 HADR + read on standby, DB2 + replication reads or writes on both sides , DB2 pureScale or replication scheme.

 WARM/Partial License Required
Log Ship Standby
Idle (started DB2 instance)
Passive (started instance)

Using the PVU model a warm DB2 standby server, physical or virtual, is licensed for 100 PVUs regardless of processing architecture or processor count.


COLD/No License Required
Powered off (DB2 installed)
Idle (DB2 instance not started)
Passive (DB2 instance not started)

For the cold conditions listed above, IBM does not require any licensing.

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