Perpetual vs. Term License

Oracle licensing is offered either as a perpetual license – which is a one-time fee – or a term license – which allows software usages for a specified period of time.  Which is better?

Oracle licensing can be complex based on the environment factors.  Aside from the changing software licensing rules and regulations, the added complexity comes from the companies using Oracle.  Interpretation of Oracle licensing depends upon a number of factors –including usage (from number of users to HOW it’s being used) and deployment to multiple platforms.

Because companies are constantly moving with the ebb and flow of business – whether changes are made within a division/group or through M&A activities – it is important to have the right software to support these adjustments.  Therefore, for many companies, we would recommend term license to work with your company’s needs.

However, there are a few companies that experience very little change within their industry and other market factors don’t alter the course of business.  In this very rare case, we would propose perpetual licensing.  Though, there are very few companies that fit that mold.

Oracle licensing is complex and needs to be actively managed to grow with your business.   By governing Oracle licensing usage, your company will be able to streamline operational efficiencies.

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