Overheard: Struggles with Tech Support

We all have our frustrations with technology, no doubt, but sometimes vendors get the better of us. We overheard an aggravated consumer voicing concerns about a recent inquiry for tech support that we wanted to share. She had just purchased a brand new PC, and was having some issues with Microsoft Outlook, which was purchased with the computer. 30 minutes later on the Microsoft website, she found a menu of options for tech support, the cheapest option being $99, which would get a support technician to return an email with tips for her problem – live help would cost over $200…

Considering that this consumer spent less than $200 on the entire Office suite not two days before and was now being asked to shell out another $100 to have a question answered is a little nutty if you ask me! We, in the land of enterprise support, sometimes forget how good we have it! Or do we?

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