Exadata Feedback is in at Collaborate

It’s certainly not news that Oracle is pushing Exadata to customers, since its launch is has been a focus and will continue to be. At Collaborate, Exadata users reported that the database machine lives up to the performance promised by Oracle, but warned of the advanced skills needed to operate it. With any new product, there will be a learning curve naturally, but the consensuses among those who have deployed the product recommend having a dedicated person to lead and facilitate an Exadata project. This person must have the ideal skill set (a combination of DBA and system administrator) in order to oversee the project, and deploy the system to get the most out of it.

Exadata’s price was also a topic of discussion. No doubt the product comes with a hefty price tag, but, users agreed if you know how to use it efficiently; it’s easy to build a case for the cost. If existing servers, for example, can be condensed, excess capacity can be achieved allowing for savings on both storage and licensing.

IT executives are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient. Exadata has proven to be a viable option for storage under the right conditions, with the right team involved.

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