Oracle Rolls Out Virtual Appliances For Its 12c Database

Oracle announced virtualization support for its recently released 12c database, by making a set of virtual machine templates for the product available. The release comes in advance of a new ‘engineered system’ for virtualization. Templates are also available for database version 11g

A very important new feature added is the ability to deploy a single instance database In the past the database templates were focused on RAC deployments (Real Application Cluster). The feature allows multiple databases to run inside of a single 12c database instance and constitutes Oracle’s take on “multitenancy”, which is a key ingredient of cloud-based applications. Like RAC, however, that feature is a separately priced option.

Oracle database customers who have been anticipating 12c and paying for maintenance on the core product will likely be disappointed to discover that they won’t receive pluggable databases as part of a regular upgrade.

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