Oracle Applies AWS Hyper-threading Policy to Microsoft Azure

Oracle Applies AWS Hyper-threading Policy to Microsoft Azure

On January 23, 2017, Oracle updated its policy about licensing Oracle software in cloud computing environments. The impact to current AWS and Azure subscribers are:

  • An AWS vCPU equates to one (1) hyper-thread of a Xeon CPU core – essentially half of the previous value.
  • Oracle no longer applies their core factor against core usage within these environments.
  • The policy had previously applied to all processor based licenses, where as the new policy only applies to certain ones.

The new change on January 23, 2018 concerns the Microsoft Azure environment. When Oracle originally distributed its revised policy, Microsoft had just started to hyper-threaded instances.

Oracle’s policy was largely silent on Azure, with the exception of no longer applying the core factor. With Microsoft now offering hyper-threaded instances, the new Oracle policy for Azure environments is essentially the same as for AWS environments. This had been predicted by Miro.

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