Negotiation tips for tough economic times part 2

We know how important saving money is right now. Here are some more negotiation tips for cost cutting:

Maintenance – many software vendors will charge maintenance from the minute your contract is signed. Do your best to negotiate into the contract that maintenance can’t be charged until your system has gone live – this could save months and even years worth of charges.

Market Yourself – to cut down on costs, agree to endorse your vendor’s product in exchange for free services, or discounted rates. You’re not selling out – you’re saving valuable money!

Take your time – don’t let the vendor rush you, ever. Take your time, get everything in order and make sure you understand every word of your contract before signing.

When is best? – the best time to negotiate is at the end of the vendor’s financial quarter or fiscal year, when salespeople are trying to make their quotas. This can be a huge advantage for you. Don’t wait too late though; a contract can often take up to 90 days to close, so be sure to give yourself enough time to close before time is up.

Organize! – yes, we are a broken record here, but if you don’t keep track of your licensing you are throwing away money! Keep a repository, know what is going on and you won’t be paying for licenses you don’t need and shelf ware that you don’t use.

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