Miro Consulting at 2014 World of IT Financial Management!

Next week, Miro’s Tim Hegegus will be presenting at the 2014 World of IT Financial Management on Optimizing Software License Investments. If you happen to be attending or in the area check it out! More details below!

2014 World of IT Financial Management 

Session Title: Optimizing Your Software Licensing Investment

WHO: Tim Hegedus, Senior Managing Analyst, Miro Consulting

WHEN: July 18th @ 1:00 PM

WHERE: Dearborn Inn, a Marriott Hotel
20301 Oakwood Boulevard
Dearborn, MI

DETAILS: Every organization faces common challenges with software licensing including how to optimize licensing; how to decrease spend, and how to avoid over and under licensing. Software vendors create such complex licensing and compliance rules, adding to the challenge.
Miro Consulting’s Tim Hegedus will discuss:

  • Microsoft, Oracle and IBM licensing types and key areas of difficulty
  • Future changes in licensing
  • Negotiating better terms
  • Proactive software asset management
  • License rebalancing & compliance
  • Support & renewals
  • 3rd Party Support

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