Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement

The Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is much more flexible than the ISV program. It allows you to license MS products on a monthly subscription basis, during a 3-year term, while enabling your organization to use the products to provide software services to customers.

The following scenarios would make the SPLA program the best suited for you:

  • You distribute Microsoft licensed products as part of a unified solution, not as stand-alone products.
  • You do not lease or rent Microsoft licensed products without a separate agreement with Microsoft.
  • You integrate Microsoft licensed products with your unified solution and include the entire product, not just a portion of the product.
  • You insert help files contained in a Microsoft licensed product that may not be modified.
  • You do not disable any features so that customers receive fully functional licensed products.
  • Some of these scenarios will qualify you for both the ISV and SPLA programs, therefore you will need to look at each licensing program and choose which will benefit your individual business needs the most.

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