Microsoft Select 3-Tier Licensing Agreements

For Select licensing programs, there are three separate components: Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA), Select License Agreement, and Select License enrollment.  The 3-tier agreement structure was created to allow organizations with multiple affiliates or geographies to have more flexibility.

  • Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA) is required for any and all Select purchases. This is the master agreement that outlines contract terms common to Microsoft licensing, service, and support agreements and needs to be signed only once with or prior to the Select License Agreement.
  • Select License Agreement establishes the details of an organization’s software needs, including forecasts and product pools. This covers affiliate companies, which will lead to further volume discounts.
  • Select License Enrollment supplies the basic information for affiliates to acquire software product licenses under the Select License Agreement.
  • We get a lot of questions on this 3-tier licensing agreement.  We hope that this clarifies that the three agreements work together.

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