Microsoft Select: 3 Key Benefits You Should Know

The Microsoft Select License program was designed specifically for medium and large organizations with 250 or more PCs that have mixed software requirements and require the use of multiple vendors, operating across multiple networks or platforms. For example, this program would work well for a global advertising agency with multiple employees and offices; some working on PCs with standard Office applications while others using Mac OS and related design programs. For organizations that meet these requirements and are looking for a “pay as you go” type program, this is the one.  There are three key benefits to Microsoft Select:

1.         Incentive-based Pricing, which is based on forecasted purchasing volume and reduces overall procurement costs based on volume of purchase. In other words, the more you buy, the more you save.  Obviously, you only save if you’re buying right. Don’t just do volume purchases for the savings as it invariably leads to shelfware.

2.         Purchasing Options is apay as you go” model. You don’t have to pay for unused apps and only pay for those you use. Well, duh.

3.        Accelerated Deployment offers access to media kits to ease evaluation of the applications before procurement and training of employees post-deployment.

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