Microsoft Replaces CRM Online with Dynamics 365 and Increases Prices

In October 2016, Microsoft announced that it was no longer going to sell the CRM Online suite.  Current users of the product will now be forced to buy Dynamics 365.  For some users this may amount to a small decrease in the price of the subscription, but for many it will be much more.

CRM Online offered different per user, per month prices for different levels of functionality:

  • Professional – $50
  • Basic – $23
  • Employee Self Service – $2

Now new customers will have to buy the Dynamics 365, which combines CRM, ERP, and other apps. Existing customers of Dynamics CRM can continue to use and purchase additional licenses of these older applications, but when they renew their agreement, they must transition to Dynamics 365 SKUs.

The new offerings of Dynamics 365 are:

  • Business Edition – $50
  • Enterprise Plan 1 – $115
  • Enterprise Plan 2 – $210

These plan prices can be discounted with the right timing and strategy.  To discuss your software licensing situation, and find out how to save on your next purchase, including cloud purchases, contact Miro at contact@archive.miroconsulting.com.