Microsoft Licensing Tip # 13: Online Services

Online services have their own set of licensing rules. They are typically subscription based and provide access only to software and services. There are a few types of licensing models that apply here:

User or Device Subscription License (USL or DSL) – USL or DSL licenses are needed for each user or device that accesses the online service.

Services Subscription License (SSL) These licenses apply specifically to an entire organization’s use of an online service. NOTE: This doesn’t always cover you!  You may also need User, Device or Add on SLs depending on the service offering. Be sure to check your user agreement to safeguard your organization.

Add-On Subscription License (Add-on SL) – These licenses are used in addition or instead of the licenses noted above. Depending on the software or service, this license can sometimes apply to storage space, or even a single server accessed by external users. They are not always required, but be sure to inquire whether they are needed to use online services within your user rights.

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