Microsoft changes are a-coming!

We have addressed how the per-device licensing model that Microsoft currently utilizes is slowing the adoption of virtualization, making it too expensive. But… guess what? Later this year, Microsoft is finally going to make some changes!

Some of the complaints from the industry have been about the required purchase of SA in order to access virtual desktop tools, and that Virtual Enterprise Centralized Desktop (VECD), which is required, is too expensive.

While Microsoft is well aware of these issues that have only just come forward to say that the intent to create a “hybrid” licensing model between per-user and per-device licensing.  The software company claims that it cannot accurately get a count of licenses per access point using any alternate licensing model, which currently exists; so Microsoft will have its work cut out for them when trying to come up with a new model.

We predict that Microsoft will introduce small changes, gradually, to accommodate the most immediate problems with virtualization, until the company can develop a model that works for everyone involved.

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