Microsoft Assessment & Planning (“MAP”) Toolkit

Licensing for Microsoft Server products can often be complex and challenging when trying to maintain compliance with their Microsoft SLAs, while at the same time trying to optimize their software investment.

There are several programs, both off the shelf and custom that can be deployed across your organization to keep track of your Microsoft deployments. One thing to keep in mind, particularly for small to midsize business with a lower number of deployments, Microsoft offers its Microsoft Assessment & Planning (“MAP”) Toolkit as a data collection tool for free. It’s fully supported by Microsoft. However, it is not a SAM tool like Microsoft’s System Center and some of the functions of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (“MDOP”). The MAP Toolkit is a great option for a one time true-up or to get a baseline of your deployments for planning purposes. It’s not a permanent SAM solution, but is a nice option when needed.

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