Is the end of XP support going to help 7 succeed?

Most companies have a wait and see approach when a new operating system is launched. Where Windows 7 is concerned, we are not surprised to hear CIOs doing just that – with many of them saying clearly that they are going to wait 12 to 24 months before looking at an upgrade. They want to let the early adopters be the guinea pigs, so to speak. But, Microsoft is putting an end to support for XP – which many companies are holding on to for dear life because of its superior performance and stability. If Windows 7 lives up to its promise, an improved version of Vista without its bugs, companies will likely jump on board, especially if support for XP will no longer exist. But, if Windows 7 turns out to be as disappointing as Vista, Microsoft may be feeling some pressure to extend its support for XP.

Are you going to upgrade? We would love to hear about those of you who have and what your opinions of Windows 7 are…

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