Incident Server Support – Going, Going, Gone!

Incident Server Support will no longer be offered for purchase by Oracle starting with the next Oracle fiscal year. However, clients will be able to renew packages already in place, but no new support contracts will be written after this June.

While Incident Server Support does not replace a comprehensive support and maintenance program or include updates, it does offer an alternative, cost effective solution for technical support. It is available only in conjunction with the Premier Support for Oracle licensing. The Incident Server Support Package includes:

  • A pack of 10 service requests valid for one year from the date of purchase/renewal. If the service pack is finished before the end date, Oracle does not allow for renewal until the next renewal period.
  • Access to Oracle MetaLink
  • Access to software patches and patch sets
  • While Incident Server Support is not available for E-Business, it is available for:

  • Oracle Database Server Support Package: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Database Standard Edition, Oracle Database Standard Edition One, Partitioning, Real Application Clusters
  • Oracle Application Server Support Package: Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition, Internet Application Server Standard Edition, Internet Application Server Java Edition
  • If you have an Incident Support contract and will be using it in the coming months, renew it for you. If you don’t currently have Incident Support, but would like to purchase it, please contact us no later than June.

    Remember to discuss any potential changes with Miro Consulting prior to executing any changes through implementation or purchase. Miro can help identify the total licensing impact of any changes and work with Oracle to provide the lowest cost of ownership solution for your organization.

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