Implementing a SAM program to, yes, CUT, costs

Most companies are under the impression that a software asset management (SAM) project is something to do only when times are good, revenues are strong, and there is “room” for an additional project under the IT budget. The funny thing is, in times of economic depression, implementing a SAM system can save you tons, and free up budget for other things. Not only will effective SAM programs decrease the amounts you are paying in new licensing and maintenance fees, but it effectively lowers the total cost of ownership of IT from unnecessary equipment to telecom bills. Depending on how much your annual spend is, we could be talking millions of dollars in savings by simply putting in some legwork and “organizing” assets. However, let me say that SAM is more than just counting users.  If it were that simple, companies wouldn’t be fined hundreds of thousands or millions for compliance issues and IT wouldn’t get stumped and spend hundreds of hours working on SAM issues.

Once a proper SAM program is in place, negotiations are also more efficient as you are better prepared for your future business needs. Everyone is always looking to save a buck so why not get on the SAM bandwagon? In these uncertain times, rein in your assets and get back some of your revenue!

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