IBM Audits – Timing and Reporting

How far back does an IBM Audit go? Typically IBM Audits look at two time periods.

The initial look at your environment is a point-in-time review, like a snapshot. The auditor will review your last quarterly ILMT report besides running scripts against today’s set-up.  They would also expect answers to their questions to regard the current state.    The script outputs for some products may have historical data such as high water marks for concurrent or floating users.

If there is further information needed, the auditor may request the complete two years of ILMT history that a client is required to have on hand per the IBM Passport Advantage Agreement (IPAA).

Two years is also the back support ‘penalty’ for license shortfalls, unless the client deployed the excess within the last 24 months.

For more resources on IBM audits, you can request a copy of our comprehensive white paper here. We also have upcoming IBM Webinars on our events page at various dates throughout the year.