How RFPs can help

When dealing with a vendor like Oracle, a simple way to get off on the right foot with your licensing agreement is to develop an RFP or a Request for Quotation that outlines your specific business needs. Any changes made in terms of your needs should be identified by the vendor and they should also provide cost differentials for each set of terms based on individual scenarios. 

Getting the terms out of the way before you even choose a vendor or begin to draft an agreement can make the process much smoother and have you come out better in the end.  Knowing your needs is the key – additionally, when the software licensing agreement is drafted, it should include a statement of your business objectives, creating a touchstone for future negotiations. Licensing — whether Oracle licensing or Microsoft licensing — can be complex. Added to the complexity is the nuances of your business. So, include a statement of your business objectives for the acquisition in the agreement. This creates a touchstone for negotiating other terms and for implementing and interpreting the agreement later on.

RFPs and SLAs are not easy language to develop or understand – for major purchases its best to use the help of a consultant that has experience with the terms and can guide you through the process.

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