Greetings from OracleWorld!

Greetings from Oracle OpenWorld in SF. Well…the weather’s been great all in all. There are swarms of Oracle attendees here! Here, there, everywhere. The conference attendees’ have taken over downtown SF, which is remarkably clean and has a very good feel to it. The dining experiences so far are pricey but on the disappointing side. (And I’ve eaten at some expensive one’s thus far). Many veteran attendees say the conference has gotten too unwieldy and that Oracle should break the conference apart to serve its various constituencies e.g. technical, apps, Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc. The chief compliant is that it’s gotten too marketing focused. But still, the draw of SF, the draw of meeting peers, etc. is a strong one. I wonder if Oracle makes money on this ala Gartner’s business model? Have to look into that one.  It’s said that over 42,000 are attending this year, but I haven’t seen the official figures just yet.

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