Don’t Take Anything at Face Value

We talk a lot on here about being audited by your software vendor – from the letter, to the audit itself, to the fines and so on. What we have yet to warn you about is taking those auditors at face value – along with their math. What do we mean by that? Well, don’t assume they know 100% of the licensing rules or know everything about your business. You would assume the auditors know the licensing rules in and out. Maybe, maybe not. They certainly don’t know your business like you do. They make assumptions. Assumptions about how your licenses are being used and assumptions that will essentially increase the return of their audit.

This is why two things are so incredibly important to avoid bigger fines that you deserve:

  1. A proper SAM program must be in place to manage inventory and maintain your compliance (it will save money too, but you know this if you have been reading our blog!)
  2. It pays to have an expert on your side. If the auditors don’t even know their own licensing rules, chances are – since we assume you have other duties at your company besides following licensing rules – you are not 100% up to speed on the constant changes. Ask someone who does know to keep you in check.

Always negotiate, always question the auditors, don’t EVER just take their word for it.

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