Details, details, details…

Without a comprehensive and effective Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place when purchasing hardware or software, your investment runs the risk of being ineffective, and/or costing more than originally planned. The key to a successful SLA is all about the details. The four components of an SLA should be:

  • Description: A descriptive overview of the task at hand
  • Target/Deadline: When the project/term is complete and what should have been completed at this point
  • Measurement: How you will measure against the project goals. Many will use a percentage, dependent on the project
  • Penalty/Reward: a penalty for missed deadlines or often a reward is built in as an incentive
  • Without these four components, your SLA will not be successful. Each component must be well defined and agreed upon by both parties. The key is to look at this as a shared document, for both the vendor and purchaser to share in success or failure of the project.

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