Compliance: The Foundation for Working with Oracle

Companies tend to forget that compliance is the foundation for working with Oracle and it is also the base for creating cost efficiencies. It’s understandable as IT folks are more focused on how Oracle’s app will solve a problem for them. If nothing else keep in mind the following:

1. Never assume a license usage right. In fact, assume that you don’t have the right to use the license and verify.

2. Confirm any and all assumptions with examples. And, then reinforce the conversation in writing to avoid misunderstandings and faulty memories.
3. Make absolutely sure that you and your Oracle reseller are both looking at the same Terms & Conditions during the procurement and renewal process. If you’re not, the likelihood is that you’re already out of compliance even as the ink dries on the contract.

Whether you’re using an automated SAM or an Oracle compliance package – such as ManageSoft’s Enterprise Compliance Manager – the ultimate goal should be compliance. It can’t be stressed enough, if you aren’t in compliance with Oracle’s licensing rules, then all else is faulty.  Compliance inoculates an organization from unnecessary and unwanted fines during a vendor audit.

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