BSA Gets another one!

Another “victim” of the BSA – a Denver, CO based door manufacturer was hit with over $92,000 to settle claims on unlicensed use of Microsoft and Symantec software.

For a small local company that makes doors, that’s a serious amount of money to part with for something like this. According to the BSA, 35% of the software installed in 2006 was installed without legal licenses, amounting to nearly $40 billion in global losses because of software piracy and that 21% of software in the United States is unlicensed.

Don’t’ let yourself get in this type of situation – manage your software assets appropriately and be sure to keep licensing up to date! You may think you are getting around fees by downloading software or getting pirated copies from your IT guy, but organizations like the BSA won’t let businesses get away with this anymore!

Here is the press release from the BSA.

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