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8 Signs You’re About To Be Audited For Non-Compliance

Oracle Software Audits, Microsoft Software Audits and IBM Software Audits can be challenging, time consuming and expensive.  Preparation is the key factor.  If these items apply to your organization, it’s likely you could soon be audited for non-compliance. 1. Merger, Acquisition or Divestment Software companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM know that tracking software assets can be difficult during a merger, acquisition or divestment. When databases get merged and assets combined, licenses are often the last thing on IT staff’s […]

Licensing Disaster Recovery Solutions for Oracle, Microsoft, IBM & Salesforce

Date: February 11, 2020 Time: 2:30pm EST Place: Online Webinar – Register Here Will your Disaster Recovery solution cause you to fail a license compliance audit? Join us for this informative webinar where we’ll cover how to properly license your disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to maintain compliance and not fail an audit. Our analysts will be available for a Question and Answer session after the presentation. Disaster Recovery Licensing: Oracle – failover vs. standby vs. testing Microsoft – […]

Oracle Licensing Guide 2019

Oracle Licensing Guide 2019 now available New York, NY – Miro is a leading global provider of software asset management and subscription management services for Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, and Salesforce.  We specialize in license management, audit advisory, negotiation tactics, support management, and cloud services. Miro Consulting has just released the 2019 version of its Oracle Licensing Guide, available for free here: http://p.miroconsulting.com/oracle-licensing-guide Due to changes in Oracle policies and rules, managing Oracle Licensing and maintaining compliance can prove challenging.  […]

10 Signs of a Fake Microsoft Audit

Warning: When you wisely refuse to participate in a Fake Microsoft Audit, the unscrupulous Microsoft Reseller will often contact Microsoft and tell them to audit you for real.  If you received a solicitation like the one below, now is the time to make sure your fully compliant with Microsoft’s Licensing policies before you are hit with the real thing.  Learn more here. Do you know how to spot a fake Microsoft Audit?  Learn the 10 Signs of a Fake Microsoft […]

Licensing Oracle’s Business Analytics Tools (BICS vs DVCS vs DVD)

Oracle BICS vs DVCS vs DVD Both Business Intelligence Cloud Services (BICS) and Data Visualization Cloud Service are used for data visualization, and have similar capabilities. Deciding which is best for your organization can be challenging.  Here’s some tips on making the right decision. Oracle’s business intelligence platform, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is an on-premise tool able to create reports, dashboards and real time alerts for users.  In 2014, Oracle introduced BICS as the cloud based version of […]

10 Oracle Cloud Mistakes to Avoid

10 Oracle Cloud Mistakes to Avoid Oracle’s new cloud first strategy has forced many of its clients to seriously evaluate moving some of their estate off-premise and onto the cloud. There can be very attractive advantages to using the Oracle Cloud, but it’s critically important to avoid these mistakes in your decision making process. Here’s what you should avoid. 1. Buying Oracle Cloud Solely to Avoid or Settle an On Premise Oracle Licensing Audit Be wary of buying Cloud products […]

MAD Software Audits: Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture

Software audits by companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM are frequently triggered when an organization engages in MAD activity; Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture. Software asset managers (SAM) and procurement staff should be aware of the specific challenges related to MAD activity within their organization.  It’s vitally important to retain policy documents and licensing contracts to ensure compliance.  When these vendors become aware of MAD activity at an organization, they typically investigate these specific areas: Has the organization purchased new licenses to […]

5 Unusual Ways to Save on Microsoft Licenses & Subscriptions

You know the basics, but do you know these advanced strategies for saving on your Microsoft spend? Your organization could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of these special techniques and Microsoft programs, but only if you know what to ask for. 1. Independent Contract Review When your contract is up for renewal, many organizations simply assume that there’s no need to review the details more than in the past. Unfortunately, a lack of diligence and oversight […]

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