Auditing…is Good!

We often refer to software audits as a bad thing… when vendors are knocking down your door and are threatening to fine you. Well, auditing, when YOU are the one doing it, is a positive and effective way to avoid those fines. The best way to find out if you are or are not in compliance, is to audit yourself. Licensing accounts for at least 20% of an IT budget – getting this in order is also a way to save some money (or at minimum be sure that you are efficiently spending that 20%!).

When self-auditing, there is no vendor looking over your shoulder, it can be done with care instead of haste, and will reveal anything you may have to fix should you get audited for real. We recommend self-audits every 6 months, as businesses change so frequently that the way software is being used (and by how many people) is in constant flux.

While self-audits are not easy and they are time consuming they will save the organization in the long run. Audits are on the rise from ALL software vendors and they are auditing businesses of all sizes. Be ready for an audit to avoid heavy fines, and as an added bonus optimize your software licensing spend!

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