Adobe Moves Away From Audits, But You’re Not Off the Hook Yet

by Phara McLachlan

Adobe’s Richard Atkinson confirmed that they are moving away from the audits program. While this removes the labor-intensive audit process that companies face, it doesn’t remove the actions that need to be taken post-audit, which will likely result in un-forecasted expenditures and additional implementations.

The reason for Adobe’s move away from audits is Adobe Genuine, which runs validation tests. While Adobe has eliminated the complexity of the audit, don’t be fooled that an enterprise with non-compliant software won’t have to worry anymore. They do and it’s highly likely they will need to procure Adobe licenses.


  1. Adobe Genuine “sniffs out” pirated software. Similar to a post-audit, Adobe will need to take action and the organization will have to purchase the software.
  2. Invalid licenses will be discovered by Adobe Genuine resulting in re-purchasing of licenses.

While Adobe has moved away from formal audits, Adobe Genuine’s “validation test” is basically Adobe’s automated discovery tool. It wouldn’t surprise me if many more software vendors move to this model.