Month: August 2009

A $147M mistake by Oracle?

Sun Microsystems Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) posted yet another loss amid speculation that Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) will sell off the hardware unit once the $7.4 billion acquisition is completed. Sun’s announcement that it has lost $147 million has a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering if good old Larry has lost his Midas Touch. Despite the rumors, Larry Ellison has come out and publicly said that he plans to retain the unit. Suggested reading/news sources: Sun’s Q4 loss feeds […]

Even resellers are at risk

We talk all the time on here about individual companies being targeted by software vendors for piracy and non-compliance with licensing policies. It doesn’t stop there. Recently, Microsoft got settlements from 11 resellers in the UK for selling illegal software and not installing the software properly. Each of the 11 firms have reached settlements with Microsoft and will now work with the company to insure legal practices are being carried out. Ouch. According to an article from ChannelWeb UK, these […]

Understanding Oracle licensing with virtualization and non-Oracle servers

We get a lot of questions about Oracle licensing of non-Oracle virtualization servers. In order to understand the licensing model, you must understand that Oracle only acknowledges its own virtualization software and only in standalone servers.  This is an extremely important point to internalize, especially if you’re using non-Oracle virtualization software (with VMware being one of the most popular). End users with non-Oracle virtualization software must license based on the physical size of the server.  So, if you’re running a […]

We’re all going mobile!

It’s no secret that the world is going mobile. With devices like the iPhone and Blackberry that have as much functionality as a laptop computer, workers are working from anywhere and everywhere, on the bus, on planes, from the park, etc. The question remains – where does this leave software developers in terms of licensing?  Many software vendors are already developing mobile applications, but in the next few years, more and more advanced applications will be introduced. I wouldn’t doubt […]

$200 MM verdict against Microsoft stands; Company slapped with an additional $90+ million

  The $200 million jury verdict in the i4i-v-Microsoft patent infringement case still stands, but the Texas judge has added another $40 million+ in additional damages to be paid by Microsoft. US District Judge Leonard David upheld the decision against Microsoft and decided that the infringement was willful and ordered that additional compensation to i4i for damages – $37 million in post trial interest & $40 million in punitive damages. The judge has also ordered Microsoft to shutdown all sales […]

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