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Watch Your Whistle Blowers!

Jan 21 2013: Published by under Compliance,Microsoft Licensing Compliance,Oracle audit,Oracle license,Oracle Licensing Compliance,Software audit

90% of all audit letters sent in 2012 were the result of tips from whistle-blowers, according to the BSA. 90%!!! So those current and former employers that didn’t get the raise they wanted or had a bad day with their boss…they can earn some cash by filling out a simple online form (see below). It’s easy, anonymous and lucrative.

Considering the BSA represents 40 software vendors (including Adobe, Oracle and IBM), it would be pretty easy for any company, large or small, to be caught. Software vendors are auditing more and more and the BSA is just one way for them to find out who they should be targeting.

What is the lesson here? Don’t give whistle blowers any ammo – do a self-audit, get your licensing in order and be prepared!

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